Cause Overviews

There are a lot of important causes in the world, and your career could play a major part in solving some of the most pressing problems. Because you could make a much bigger impact in some cause areas than others, it’s important to take the time to analyze different cause areas you might work on.

To assess cause areas, we recommend utilizing the ITN framework: a helpful tool for  analyzing cause areas according to their Importance, Tractability, and Neglectedness. The most promising cause areas to work on tend to score highly across these three factors.

The ITN Framework

  • Importance: the scale of the problem at hand.
  • Tractability: how easy it is to solve the problem.
  • Neglectedness: how many resources are currently dedicated to the problem.

While you could apply this framework to a range of causes, you can check out some of our in-depth profiles of promising cause areas (more coming soon):

Global Health & Development

Global Catastrophic Risks

Animal Welfare