Cause Areas

There are a lot of important causes, and your career could play a major part in solving some of the worlds most pressing problems. Because you could make a much bigger impact in some cause areas than others, it’s important to take the time to analyze different cause areas you might work on.

We’ve done in-depth profiles on some promising cause areas (and have more coming soon):

Animal Welfare

Climate Change

Global Catastrophic Risks

Global Health & Development

Whether you use the above profiles as a guide, or assess other cause areas on your own, we recommend using the ITN framework: a helpful tool for  analyzing cause areas according to their Importance, Tractability, and Neglectedness. The most promising cause areas to work on tend to score highly across these three factors:

The ITN Framework

  • Importance: the scale of the problem at hand.
  • Tractability: how easy it is to solve the problem.
  • Neglectedness: how many resources are currently dedicated to the problem.