Find a Promising Cause to Work On

How do you decide what cause to work on?

There are a lot of important problems worth tackling with your career. But with limited time and effort, you can’t solve them all at once. To narrow down, we recommend finding areas where you can make a big difference.

We’ve investigated several cause areas to help you figure out how you can use your career to make a positive impact. If you’re curious how to compare problems to work on, check out our career guide chapter on analyzing causes.

Explore promising cause areas

Global Health & Development

Millions of people worldwide suffer from curable diseases and extreme poverty. Learn about some of the most important issues in global health & development.

Climate Change

The Earth is heating up, causing a host of serious and widespread problems across the globe. Discover some of the greatest problems in climate change and how you can use your career to help.

Animal Welfare

Factory farming and other harmful practices cause massive amounts of suffering every year. Learn about some of the biggest issues in animal welfare and what you can do about it.

Global Catastrophic Risks

From nuclear war, to deadly pandemics, to dangerous new technologies – global catastrophic risks could cause a lot of harm. Explore how preventing them could save the planet.