Opportunity Cost

As its name suggests, opportunity cost refers to the cost of choosing one opportunity over others. This “cost” reflects the value you could have gained in all the options you didn’t pursue. It’s a helpful concept to keep in mind with complex decisions as it can highlight the comparative value … Read more

Taking Next Steps

Recap If you’ve been following along with the guide, you’ve done quite a bit of thinking about your career. In part 1, we started to think about what it actually means to make an impact or do good in the world. This involved reflecting on different approaches to helping others, … Read more

Business Careers: Impactful Jobs with a Business Degree

Business is a highly sought-after degree subject, with degrees in the field making up almost 20% of degrees awarded in the US in 2019-20. There’s a range of specific types of business degrees with different focuses such as management, marketing, finance, logistics, and others. Based on our career research, we’ve identified … Read more

Biology Careers: Impactful Jobs with a Biology Degree

Are you completing a degree in biology and wondering about the best job options for when you graduate? Or are you just interested in starting a biology degree, but want to know more about the career paths it could be prepare you for? Based on research we’ve conducted on a … Read more


Journalism is a career path that carries the potential to make a large positive difference by shaping public discourse and shedding light on important topics. However, it’s also a competitive path that’s difficult to succeed in, and many journalistic roles might not offer good opportunities for positive impact. For someone … Read more

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) specialists collect, track, and analyze data to assess the value and impact of different programs and interventions, as well as translate these assessments into actionable insights and strategies to increase the impact of an organization.  M&E careers might be a promising option for some people. If … Read more

Economics Careers: Impactful Jobs with an Economics Degree

Economics is a hugely popular degree subject, and for good reason. Economics teaches you a range of useful skills that are transferable to many jobs and careers. Based on our career research, we’ve identified six of the top careers you can have with an economics degree. But what makes these the … Read more

Psychology Careers: Impactful Jobs with a Psychology Degree

Psychology is one of the most popular degree subjects out there, and for good reason. Psychology degrees teach you a lot of important skills that are useful in many contexts. Based on our career research, we’ve identified five of the top jobs you can have with a psychology degree. But what makes these … Read more

Resolving Your Uncertainties

Gaining clarity Now that you’ve started to compare and assess your options, how do you take action and move forward? In the last chapter, we talked about creating a methodology to help structure your decision-making process. As you looked at your options and started making some comparisons, you likely came … Read more