What Are the Biggest Priorities in Climate Change?

There are lots of actions we can take to halt climate change and mitigate other environmental issues. But did you know that some approaches are way more helpful than others? This is the focus of this article – to show that if you strategize, you can do far more to … Read more

Climate Change: An Impact-Focused Introduction

Climate change is very important, threatening harm on a huge scale. However, there are many barriers to solving it, and it’s also less neglected than some other important problems, including other global catastrophic risks. As such, climate change can be a promising cause area to work in, but it may … Read more

The SELF Framework

How do you know if a job makes a difference?  When looking for a job that “makes an impact,” you may run into quite a few positions that sound good but don’t make much of a difference in practice. For instance, you might find a job that tackles a big … Read more

Opportunity Cost

As its name suggests, opportunity cost refers to the cost of choosing one opportunity over others. This “cost” reflects the value you could have gained in all the options you didn’t pursue. It’s a helpful concept to keep in mind with complex decisions as it can highlight the comparative value … Read more

Taking Next Steps

Recap If you’ve been following along with the guide, you’ve done quite a bit of thinking about your career. In part 1, we started to think about what it actually means to make an impact or do good in the world. This involved reflecting on different approaches to helping others, … Read more

Business Degree Careers: 4 of the Best Jobs with a Business Degree

Business is a highly sought-after degree subject, with degrees in the field making up almost 20% of degrees awarded in the US in 2019-20. There’s a range of specific types of business degrees with different focuses such as management, marketing, finance, logistics, and others. Based on our career research, we’ve identified … Read more